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Team and friends (37 photos)

Eric, Twan and Patrick enjoying bananas near the Mzambani rock The team walking to the Mzambani rock
Eric on the rock Me doing the dishes
Eric and me in the SASOL office Twan and me together with Henk and Dunya from Ex-change, eating at simmers in Nairobi
Twan and Dunya on the bird watching house during sunrise early in the morning Patrick, Twan and me in the Maasai Mara
Patrick and Twan preparing the first papatje met session
Eric enjoying his patatje met
Felistes, Joseph and their son Telvin in our house Twan and me at the Tungutu Secondary Girls school
Ruud and Twan at the school center This is Tom, or Simba, the guard dog of the house complex
Ruud and some teachers at the Tungutu school The team walking to a hill nearby
Me drinking water on the top of the hill People that probably never saw a mzungu (european) before
Twan and me educating teachers from the Itoleka school The team with some teachers from the school
Ruud in front of our appartment of the hotel Dante in Watamu, at the coast A team photo nearby the beach
Patrick and me trying to look interesting with this living sea star The team in the Happy Night in Watamu, a little bit to much Tusker had been consumed
Twan and a Watamu girl The team on a sandbank in near the coast
Kamau in the archive of the Kitui District Hospital
This is Mutinda, a hard working employee of SASOL
Tom and Dennis, our neighbour Twan and me admiring a chameleon
Dennis and Eric (Allah wekbar) Dennis with two friends
The team with Mutua in the beach club, a local bar and discotheque The dancefloor
The team with personal from SASOL, after our presentation Eric and me, VERY tired
Almost near the top