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Other (20 photos)

A barber next to the road from Nairobi to Kitui A group of children in the dry river of Kitui
Crops next to a SASOL sand storage dam A sand storage dam built by SASOL
Children searching for water in the dry river Eric on the rock
The nice not flushing toilet in the SASOL building. Flushing had to be done with the bucket next to the toilet
The kitchen in the SASOL office
Our favourite taxi in Kitui Town Breakfast at the "hilton", a small tea-room near the SASOL office
Crayfish camp at Lake Naivasha. This was very luxerous after the first weeks in Kitui! Endless rows of greenhouses belonging to the Dutch company Sher Flowers. All those flowers are roses
This is how the employees of Sher and their families live (no opinion) Sunset at Lake Naivasha
Twan and Dunya on the bird watching house during sunrise early in the morning The house complex we lived in the last months
The last house was our house YEP! Thank you Bjorn!
The office part of our living room Our favourite supermarket