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All photos (116 photos)

The hectic bus station in Niarobi A barber next to the road from Nairobi to Kitui
A group of children in the dry river of Kitui A small village nearby Kitui Town
Crops next to a SASOL sand storage dam A sand storage dam built by SASOL
Children searching for water in the dry river Eric, Twan and Patrick enjoying bananas near the Mzambani rock
The team walking to the Mzambani rock Eric on the rock
A small village, as seen from the rock
The nice not flushing toilet in the SASOL building. Flushing had to be done with the bucket next to the toilet
The kitchen in the SASOL office Me doing the dishes
Our favourite taxi in Kitui Town Eric and me in the SASOL office
Breakfast at the "hilton", a small tea-room near the SASOL office Twan and me together with Henk and Dunya from Ex-change, eating at simmers in Nairobi
A view on the rift valley. Taken from a truck from Sher Flower Agencies Another view on the rift valley. In the distance the vulcano Mount Longonot is visible
A baboon next to the road to Lake Naivasha Crayfish camp at Lake Naivasha. This was very luxerous after the first weeks in Kitui!
Endless rows of greenhouses belonging to the Dutch company Sher Flowers. All those flowers are roses This is how the employees of Sher and their families live (no opinion)
The vulcano Mount Longonot as seen from the Crayfish camp at Lake Naivasha Sunset at Lake Naivasha
Twan and Dunya on the bird watching house during sunrise early in the morning The hectic market places next to the road to Nairobi
And this is only 5 kilometers nearer to Nairobi A sleeping male lion in the Maasai Mara
Landscape in Maasai Mara Wildebeasts
Migrating wildebeasts Elephant
A female lion with 3 babies A male ostrich
A group of elephants with babies Another landscape in the Maasai Mara
Many beautiful zebras A female lion really nearby
Many hungry vultures Vultures eating a dead wildebeast
A vulture on a tree Hippos in the hippo pool near the border to the Serengeti, Tanzania
A crocodile in the hippo pool Lunch with Tom, our driver and guide
Many vultures eating dead wildebeasts that did not make it to the other side of the river A group of gazelles
A jackal in the first beams of the morning sun Some gazelles and giraffes
Patrick, Twan and me in the Maasai Mara Our minibus, also called the JIM mobile (look carefully)
An eating baboon Baboons discussing the new government policy
No comment African buffalos (really dangerous)
Patrick and Twan preparing the first papatje met session
Eric enjoying his patatje met
Felistes, Joseph and their son Telvin in our house Twan and me at the Tungutu Secondary Girls school
The dormitorio of the school Ruud and Twan at the school center
The house complex we lived in the last months The last house was our house
This is Tom, or Simba, the guard dog of the house complex Ruud and some teachers at the Tungutu school
A chameleon, spotted by the sharp eyes of Eric The team walking to a hill nearby
A village that we passed during the walk Me drinking water on the top of the hill
A view from the top of the hill People that probably never saw a mzungu (european) before
The power generator of the Itoleka school. There is no power lines nearby Twan and me educating teachers from the Itoleka school
Dormitorio of the girls from the school The team with some teachers from the school
Ruud in front of our appartment of the hotel Dante in Watamu, at the coast A team photo nearby the beach
During low tide it was possible to walk 500 meters into the sea Patrick and me trying to look interesting with this living sea star
The Watamu beach (or paradise) The team in the Happy Night in Watamu, a little bit to much Tusker had been consumed
Twan and a Watamu girl The team on a sandbank in near the coast
Kamau in the archive of the Kitui District Hospital A close up of the archives
This is Mutinda, a hard working employee of SASOL YEP! Thank you Bjorn!
The office part of our living room Tom and Dennis, our neighbour
Twan and me admiring a chameleon Dennis and Eric (Allah wekbar)
The road from our house to Kitui Town Here we bought chickens to eat
The bus station of Kitui Town A street in Kitui Town
Another street This is nearby our house
Dennis with two friends Houses nearby our house
Our favourite supermarket The hospital road, a road behind our house
The team with Mutua in the beach club, a local bar and discotheque The dancefloor
The team with personal from SASOL, after our presentation Another photo of Kitui town
This is a view of the crater of the vulcano Mount Longonot Other climbers of Mount Longonot
A photo of the peek of the vulcano There are many trees inside the vulcano
Eric and me, VERY tired Lake Naivasha from the vulcano
Almost near the top A view in the crater from the peek
The backside of the vulcano The quality of the roads in Kenya