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Kitui District and Town (28 photos)

A group of children in the dry river of Kitui A small village nearby Kitui Town
Crops next to a SASOL sand storage dam A sand storage dam built by SASOL
Children searching for water in the dry river Eric, Twan and Patrick enjoying bananas near the Mzambani rock
The team walking to the Mzambani rock Eric on the rock
A small village, as seen from the rock Breakfast at the "hilton", a small tea-room near the SASOL office
The house complex we lived in the last months The last house was our house
A chameleon, spotted by the sharp eyes of Eric The team walking to a hill nearby
A village that we passed during the walk Me drinking water on the top of the hill
A view from the top of the hill People that probably never saw a mzungu (european) before
The road from our house to Kitui Town Here we bought chickens to eat
The bus station of Kitui Town A street in Kitui Town
Another street This is nearby our house
Houses nearby our house Another photo of Kitui town
Our favourite supermarket The hospital road, a road behind our house